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What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful conversation that connects you to your truth and inner wisdom. It’s a relationship that sees you as already whole, empowered and resourceful. Coaching is mindset training, like physical conditioning, where you flex different muscles in order to align your internal world (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words), with your external world (action, work, family, friends, community). Above all, coaching is unlike any other relationship you will have – a life changing relationship that you have forever.


My coaching style is holistic. I will invite you to look at all parts of your life (health, wealth, career, lifestyle, love, sex, spirituality, family and community) because everything is connected. It is a co-creative journey – a re-discovery of what it means to be alive using highly evolved techniques, ancient wisdom, the simplicity of nature, breathing, yoga, creative explorations, and customized lifestyle strategies.


Our coaching sessions begin with a 2-hour Discovery Session by phone, skype or in-person. Think of this as an incredible first date – where we design our unique coaching relationship together. It’s a chance for me to get to understand where you’re at in your life, what lights you up and what you struggle with. It’s also a chance for you to hear all about who I am and why I came to this work. I’ll tell you all about the toolbox, the philosophy and techniques involved, you’ll get a chance to ask me any questions you have and we’ll map out our journey together.


Our journey ends with you looking back at how you moved from a place of doubt, questioning, indecision, and feeling unsure about who you are where you are going, into a more grounded place of limitlessness possibility. You will contentment over what have control of in your life, and surrender to what you don’t. You will be able to catch yourself in a pattern, question your reactions, recognize the instant you are telling yourself an old story that is no longer true and in doing so see life differently – in a way that leaves you feeling empowered. You will laugh in that places that used to make you cry. You will wake up to the fact that one day you will die, so why not fully own your choice to make the most of each moment.

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