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Thank you for visiting my website my Unique Friend! I am committed to support people to reclaim their lives, to get filled with confidence, let go of their not enoughness and stress and enjoy every second of their precious lives. I am also a registered member of the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and receives regular ongoing supervision and professional training. I was worked with many different people in many different ways as a health practitioner, researcher and evaluator, counselor, policy analyst, and in workforce development. Continuing studies in Canterbury Christ Church University- Psychology,my goal is to became a better version of my self so I can help and offer the best, and only the best! I have met some incredible teachers and guides along the way and have discovered the tools, practices, books, the new ways of thinking and the inner belief that have brought me to where I am I’m also a Spiritual Seeker and see everything in life in connection to a higher force and prefer a holistic.


  • Life is too short to be stuck in a job which makes you unhappy.
  • You have everything you need within yourself to turn your situation around.
  • Finding work that you love can transform your entire life.
  • We are all worth investing time and money in to support our own growth.
  • We are all much more powerful than we realise.
  • It is possible to do work that you love and earn a decent living.
  • Life is short so don’t die with your music still in you.


  • My first Americano of the day (freshly ground beans please).
  • Walks and looking out to sea (and remembering there is a Universe supporting me).
  • Curry, curry, curry (Thai, Japanese, Indian, I love them all).
  • Spreadsheets (I’ll never shake this one off from the corporate world).
  • An afternoon piece of cake (why save it for special occasions).
  • Kundalini yoga, my go-to practice (everyone should try it at least once).
  • Black pepper, my go-to essential oil (3 deep sniffs every morning and evening).
  • Audiobooks (morning walkies have been forever transformed).
  • Vegan food and meditation.


If you feel a sense of connection from what you’ve read so far and would like to discover more, I invite you to a Coaching Taster Session. For some people, even this is challenging. I get it. I know how nerve-wracking (and exciting)
it can be to take this step. I promise you no judgement and no pressure. I will hold the space for you to share with me where you’re at and explore what coaching could do for you.

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